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  • Mary Lou Johnston Coleman

    8 relaxing detox bath recipes for anything from whiny kids and itchy skin to mood boosters to beat the blahs and calm the crazies.

  • Enid Bozic

    Rose petal milk bath evokes pampering for ambiance

  • Pamper My Style

    Bubble bath with limes and rose petals.

  • Nicole Felder

    2 cups sea salt, kosher salt, or white sugar. Salt will be slightly more abrasive than sugar. 1 cup sweet almond oil. Grape seed and olive oil are also excellent choices for oils. 10-30 drops of cosmetic-grade and/or high quality essential oils of your choice. Lavender is suitable for most skin types. Rose Milk #Bath #diy #beauty #spa #homemade #handmade #homespa

  • Crystal Marie

    At home spa day: Someday!

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neat idea, I have a feeling that our family would manage to cover it in sand anyway!

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"Penny of Time" Adventure: Kids Helping the Homeless, Delivering Care Packages to the Homeless. I share one experience my boys recently had in giving away a care package to a man sleeping on a city bench. It was one we won't be forgetting for awhile. Teach children to serve.

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painted rocks - why did I never think of this? Rocks from the dollar tree painted to match any decor. Put them in a glass container with a candle.

Butter Boss

NO MORE BLISTERS! Just rub a little Band-Aid Friction Block on your toes or wherever your skin is sticking and its "like wearing a sock!" --- a bridesmaid/ bride must buy!

Manna Bags to carry in your car...for the homeless. They’re small enough to keep one in your car. It’s an alternative to giving money. It’s an alternative to doing nothing if you’re concerned with following Jesus. They won’t solve the greater problem of homelessness or hunger, but it’s something you can do for one person right now. Ideas: Bottled water, granola bars, Crackers, Raisins, socks, toothpaste, Toothbrush, Soap, gloves, shelter info


From plain ol' coffee table to a gorgeous table ottoman. Love this DIY that is actually doable! Via Not So Newlywed McGees: DIY Upholstered Ottoman

Get softer, smoother and whiter underarms with a natural scrub. Also, the scrub will help you get rid of any body odor and keep your armpit fresh and clean through out the day. Mix baking soda with coconut oil and scrub under your arms, baking soda gently exfoliates the skin removing any dark or rough patches making it softer and smoother.

Put a wine or margarita glass in the middle of a large bowl for instant chip and dip set! Great idea.

Use Dollar Store garment bag for a spray tent... This is seriously genius.

Cute House Warming Gift Idea (mason jar filled with useful household tools and accessories)

Villa Sera is a self-sustained structure that harnesses power from solar panels, collects rainwater and uses gray water for plants, creating a microcosm that not only reduces the carbon footprint but contributes to the ecological system. The architecture is structured with steel and glass elements to form a strong, modern and spacious building. Greenhouse sections with innovative heat and air circulation for organic farming and plant growing...

Lower your utility bills by wrapping the PreVent Air Conditioner Filter around your central AC unit! The fine-mesh material is designed to keep out dust, bugs, pollen and other airborne debris that clog your AC’s motor and hinder its efficiency to 21%.

rain shower head -- $159

Love this! Cool portion control!

Everyone can have that Jlo glow with the right highlight and contouring.

BAKING TRICK: When you need softened butter - grate the butter while it is still hard, then mix with other ingredients as normal. It will soften quickly and perfectly and give an even dispersal of butter throughout the dough.

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