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the sad pug face. I'm a sucker for a sad pug face.

Acho que a Isa deve pensar isso todo dia.... Kkkkkk

Like a lion. Carborundum print of pug. 2012 - The Odher Pugs dog

Funny Pug Dog Memes

The classic guilty pug face

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adorable, pug and big eyes image on We Heart It

Oh my goodness too many twinkies for this guy! See now you know why people always comment in how healthy Kirbs and bogey look lol

Jingles the pug knew that if he hid very still behind the tree the humans would never find him AND that’s when Jingles would make his run to the bright lights of Hollywood!

Where is my treats? #pug

Where is my treats? #pug

Massage position                                                        …                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This sleepy Pug puppy is all of us on a Monday morning.

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Pug <3 #pugs #Carlino Pug

The Pug head tilt - easy to make them do this by talking to them about their favourite things.

Adorable pug puppies come in all shapes and sizes. These cute baby pug pictures are sure to turn any ones frown upside down.

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when my wrinkles started wrinkling

tokyo design week 08: flat bulb by joonhuyn kim

tokyo design week 08: flat bulb by joonhuyn kim

So cute - puppy pug

This sweet pug that you just want to eat up

25 Puppies That Will Give You Feels

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I will turn this car around mister

dogs in clothes. on

Driving down the road pug

Cute Pug Puppy

Another tiny Puglet to make your heart melt!

Black Pug

24 Times Pug Tongues Just Could Not Be Contained

My black pug always has her tongue out just like this! So cute!