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"Do you mind"... I love the little nose!

Otter <-- oh look it's babysnatcher candyman

Even though River Otters are not listed as Endangered species, their range has been greatly reduced over the years by habitat destruction and they are vulnerable to pollution and toxins in the environment.

~~ Otter ~~ An Oriental Short Clawed Otter at Edinburgh Zoo

He glances around…. | Anatomy Of An Otter Heist

OTTER: Any of various aquatic, carnivorous mammals of the genus Lutra and allied genera, related to the minks and weasels and having webbed feet and dense, dark brown fur.

This is one of the cutest baby animals I've ever seen!!! Adorable baby otter.

Otters love that you still sleep with your teddy bear. | 20 Unconventional Reasons To Be Friends With Otters

North American River Otter by florin