• Nat Sawyer

    fly away. Be free

  • Laura Lyn

    giving You Lord thanks with a grateful heart

  • Airbrush t-shirts

    Airbrush dvds canada techniques art school how to videos http://airbrushclasses.com

  • Mary Jo

    pink sky at night...!

  • M i c h e l l e │ G .

    Many around you want to point out "reality" to you. They say, "Face the facts. Look at what-is." And we say to you, if you are able to see only what-is—then, by Law of Attraction, you will create only more of what-is…You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what-is in order to attract something different or something more. ~ Abraham-Hicks

  • Saskia

    Freedom in heart and in soul is the highest goal you can reach. It give's you inner peace

  • anna anna

    True Story. One year on Christmas day I came home to find that I had left my window cracked and a little bird flew in. It was alive, and just hanging out. I opened the window, picked up the bird and let it go out of the window as I screamed, "Be free , be free little bird." Sadly, the bird just went plop down to the parking lot. I always made sure to close my window after that.

  • Heart Driven Life

    Monday Morning Prayer - Prayer for Light. www.TheGrowingSpace.com

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Think about it differently.

Psalm 56:8♥

So true don't get stressed out god will always help u thru your problems

Faith in God's timing. great for pre-graduation anxiety!!

Take a chance




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Just praise Him.


summer city shoes


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Magical coziness.

i love this

"Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful."

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