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  • Jenny Anne Davis

    Tee-hee! "Like" if this pooch made you smile! #dogincostume #dog #costume #superman #pomeranian repin by #dazehub #animaldaze

  • Animate Me - Talking Heads and Funny eCards

    Animate funny photos with voice and movement with the free Animate Me app! Make photos talk to move to any recording - Make this photo into a funny video! #funnydog #dogmeme #talkingpet

  • Camille Facer

    funny dog. Buddy puppy.

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Only in the ghetto...or in the apartment complex I used to live in. I was the only white girl but it wasn't a ghetto.

priceless. this cracks me up. How did this happen? "hey, are you Fabio? Cool, do you want to hold me and take a sexy/funny picture. Thanks!"

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Dear Chris... if you are single meet me here at 4pm tomorrow to discuss marriage. This will take 3+ hours so please be armed with Mt Dew, popcorn, and chocolate:)

Chris Evans IS Captain America. Proof that the nerdiest movies are made by nerds.

This made me laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face! Pregnancy hormones definitely have something to do with it though..

corgador - Google Search

Sorry I don't have the house spotless, laundry folded, and dinner on the table. As it turns out, my full time job gets in the way of me being a housewife. Not that it really makes a difference...

A soldier and his squirrel - This is the cutest ever!

I don't even know what board to pin this to. I just died of cute. Starbucks costume. :)

This is how all dachshunds should travel. @Elizabeth Erlich: Someday I will have a doxie and we can re-enact this picture.