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  • cinquantecinq nooga

    Les jardins suspendus de String gardens

  • Incognita Nom de Plume

    The work of Fedor van der Valk, the spherical balls of dirt are enveloped in a cocoon of web-like string, and sprout everything from fruit trees to succulents. The resulting gardens are works of art which seem to defy gravity and completely eliminate the need for pots.

  • M L

    Mini Gardens Floating In Mid-Air | Jeannie Huang

  • Amanda Clark

    I stumbled upon a really cool indoor gardening concept the other day – string gardens. “Kokedama” is basically the Japanese art of enclosing a plants roots in a moss ball and suspending that plant – sort of a hanging bonsai concept.

  • Brittany Shirley

    hanging garden

  • Jen Esteban

    Unique idea for plants

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Muscari string garden by String Garden. Photograph: Anne Dokter (And I think some of my orchids will end up like this)

String clever! This is amazing!!!

String gardens are a botanical technique meant to raise plants to eye level. Small moss balls called kokedama house the root system which is wrapped and then suspended by total awesomeness. (via designboom)

STRING GARDENS Photographed by Annelie Bruijn

String Gardens.. How cool is this !!

kokedama japanese string gardens occupy all spaces with gorgeous growing things

from string gardens. awesome.

Our Recommendations This is an artistic method of plant display, classed as floral art and is not for long term display. We recommend your String Plant is planted out into a pot or garden after 2 to 3 months or earlier if the plant starts to look stressed.

String gardens, based on Kokedama. The latter, meaning moss ball, is a style of Japanese bonsai. Kokedama are made by transferring your plant out of its pot and into a ball of soil held together with moss and string. String gardens take this tradition a step further by suspending these little green worlds in the air. A great way to bring the outdoors inside. :)