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Love this. Wow would it be a great tool at home.

Dog pool / fire pit, such a great idea because dogs love water and this would be so fun for them

How to carry firewood and logs -- BTW you don't need pvc -- a couple of sturdy branches and cord or rope should work just fine

Elegant and stylish holders for your smartphone and tablet. Size and convenient form allows to always be on hand. Perfect for your home or work, to use in the kitchen for viewing your recipes. Also a great way to listen to music on your tablet or watch TV! Just like a clothespin attached to any shelf and does not interfere closing doors.

Amazing Oasis: Here Are 30 Relatively Simple Things That Will Make Your Home Extremely Awesome.

The plastic bag on magnetic wand is ingenious!

Wow, that was amazing.

DIY built-in extension outlet... This has to be the most useful thing I've ever seen on Pinterest. I want to do this to every table I own!!

Wrapping paper organization


This is awesome!

Hang things on the wall using painter tape and hot glue. Place painter tape first and then hot glue! This may be like the most genius idea EVER!!!

This is one of those things that you didn't know you wanted until you saw it.

When you paint a room, put some extra paint in a baby jar and keep it handy for quick touch-ups. much better than trying to dig the leftover paint out of wherever it's buried! Store in the room it was used in.

Graduation Party - Line the drive with pictures to watch the graduate grow up right before your eyes. Love this idea!

diy barn door track

DIY Barn Door and DIY Barn Door Track That Won't Break the Bank! -

Smartest thing EVER! when you have to hang something with exact holes, photocopy the back and use as a template! Another [facepalm!] moment!!

Painters tape, then double stick tape to hang posters and such without peeling paint off walls or putting thumbtack holes in walls. SUCH a clever idea!

A single course of edging makes maintenance around retaining walls easy! Edging: Willow Creek Cobblestone 3/4 stone, Lakeshore Blend


This really works, did it all summer and the fruit lasted longer than 4 days.

Organize cords. I need this so bad...

28 Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas | PVC Organizers Kimberly Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Belchak