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  • Mary Alexandra Moon

    Super hero socks! #Batman #WonderWoman #Superman #Robin #socks #capes

  • Kristi Shults

    super hero socks!!! Melissa Newport you need the wonder women ones.

  • Christy Lynn

    These are so awesome. Super hero socks! I would so rock the Wonder Woman socks!

  • Kerry Hutmacher

    Super Hero socks with a cape! I want these...well atleast the batman ones

  • Vicki Rudder

    Check out these unusual Superhero Socks, which are sold complete with little mini capes. They come in Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman varieties. I need these for crazy sock day!

  • Audrey Ryerson

    super hero socks!!! To go with Zoe's superhero cape?

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disney characters as superheros

Heroes' city. (okay, Spidey. you're allowed in. Just this once) This would be an awesome scavenger hunt!!

@Julienne Baldwin. you soooo needed these!!!! TEAL boot socks with lace!

super hero bins. >> luckily I already had the red/blue bin for superman because Target no longer carries and eventually found 1 for batman otherwise it would have been a bit challenging for that part... cutting felt for exact shapes really sucked & wasn't so sure the designs would come out but in the end came out great!!

super hero party. I am having a super hero party in Nov for my (will be) 4 year old son. Thanks for more inspiration!o

Mom... lets make these! Easy - socks, sew lace a few inches up the side, around the top, add two buttons... OR you could show me how to crochet a ruffle right onto the sock! Eee!! Michele Morales Bennett

Super hero masks and Disney princess crowns tutorials. Super easy and cute. :)

Super Hero training + Slip and Slide (for flying of course) # 19 {Water Game}

Dear Tyler Pitts, I will forever think of you when I see Quail Man. -Me P.S. I maintain your feet never left the ground.