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Another archetypal Apple #hipster douche silhouette. What's he doing? This is meant to depict an image of the kind of cool people you secretly want to be like.


19 Famous Advertisements (Revised for Accuracy)

#ipods , #ipads and #iphones , plus #itunes will cripple you!

from BBC News

Apple releases U2 album removal tool

Apple had to build a custom tool to allow iTunes users to remove US2 latest album. It's the album nobody wanted, but Apple forced all users to download it to their devices. Bonkers! Having U2 on stage at the launch event exposed Apple's leadership as dinosaurs.

from Twitter

iPhonecasology on

Apple's latest iPhone 6 QA fiasco: #HairGate

Apple's marketing folks thing these guys are the embodiment of cool.

A stock image, found on a generic tech website, depicting Apple #hipster douches fondling a tablet

from Metro

Samsung mocks Apple and its fans in Super Bowl XLVI advert

Apple douche #hipsters satirised in Samsung ad

A celebrity actor playing an Apple #hipster douche, trying to look cool alongside a disabled character representing Apple's vision of a Microsoft douche.