• Tamika Le Gare

    Hidden in plain sight Just add a lock to keep the kiddies out. Recycle your old refrigerator or freezer. Personally, I like a nice gun cabinet but this is a good idea!

  • Alexandria Jinx

    Hidden in plain sight - "Gun Safe" Use an old non working fridge or freezer and Just add a good lock to keep the kids out. Great idea!

  • Mikki Billingsley

    Hidden in plain sight Just add a lock to keep the kiddies out. What a GREAT idea !!! :) so much cheaper than an actual gun case!! I could even paint it black and write browning on it! LOL

  • Thriller School

    Another good idea. Turn on old freezer into a gun safe and lock it up or add your own lock.

  • Sharie Knight

    Hidden in plain sight Just add a lock to keep the kids out..no guns in my house but cool idea!

  • rob knight

    We did this with an upright freezer that no longer worked. It works great for gun storage.

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