Traditional German Wedding Cup: The cup design enables the bride and groom to symbolically take their first drink as man and wife from the same cup.

German wedding cup-- tradition for the couple to drink from both ends at the same time

German wedding day tradition for a bride & groom to saw a log of wood. It symbolizes that in a marriage, you need to 'work together.'

Too cute! Perfect for the bride and groom!

@Elizabeth Lockhart Devlin see the note about marrying in april! Irish wedding traditions

Irish Blessing Stone Tradition

Pictures of the bride & groom throughout the years.

Wedding traditions - who wants to throw an old shoe over my head as a I leave the ceremony? :)

irish wedding traditions info graphic

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Lock Unity: Both the bride and groom pick a lock and place their wedding bands on it to signify individual and separate lives. During the ceremony, the locks are unlocked and the rings are placed on the spouses ring finger. Then, the now empty locks are locked together.

Nice thank you from the bride and groom. Sometimes it gets hectic that day to personally thank everyone,

The Oathing Stone is an old Scottish tradition where the Bride and Groom place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows. The tradition, Called the oathing stone it was thought to be the best way to express your solemn promise in physical form. Taken from the ancient Celtic custom of setting an oath in stone, inclusion of an oathing stone in the vows can be deeply moving. In the Scottish tradition an oath given near a stone or water was considered more binding.

Oathing Stones... Embrace the old European tradition to add a meaningful highlight to your wedding ceremony. The Oathing Stone is an old Scottish tradition where the Bride and Groom place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows.

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"See all the cute photos below? This is an old German wedding tradition that Franzi told me about. A bed sheet is strung up and a large heart shape is painted to the front of it. The bride and groom each get a pair of scissors and have to cut around each side of the heart and meet in the middle. The groom then has to carry his bride through the heart. Could this tradition be any cuter?!?!

for all things creative!: All White Bridal Shower from Reader!

Messages to the Bride and Groom...or even bride and groom do this together for center pieces or a wishing well or something..cute!

Having empty chairs across from the bride and groom is a Scandinavian tradition I first saw at a wedding in Seattle last year, where the bride and groom chose to incorporate traditions from the groom's native Sweden. There, the signs aren't necessary, guest just know that they are invited to come and chat.

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