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Foods Rich in Vitamin B17

by Norma Chew
Vitamin B17, or laetrile, is called the anti-cancer vitamin. It is an alternative treatment for cancer. Vitamin B17 works to reduce tumors and prevent metastasis or the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body. It kills cancer cells, strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer cells fro...
  • Barbara Hauck

    Berries rich in vitamin B17 include wild blackberries, elderberries, gooseberries, cranberries, mulberries and raspberries. Stone fruits like apricots, apples, plums, prunes and pears are also substantial sources of vitamin B17. Not only do these particular fruits provide a healthy dose of laetrile, but they are also full of essential vitamins, minerals and simple carbohydrates. Read more:

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Vitamin B17 is a cure for cancer! Also called Laetrile, it is found in apricot seeds, grape seeds, raspberry seeds, strawberry seeds, flax seeds and other grains sprouts and legumes.

Raw Apricot Kernel's contain vitamin B17 which kills cancer cells leaving normal cells alone. 4 per day as a preventative 10-15 if you have a cancer diagnosis.

Apricot kernels contain a toxic chemical known as amygdalin (or vitamin B17). In the body this chemical is converted to cyanide, which is poisonous. Despite serious safety concerns, apricot kernel has been used for treating cancer. It is taken by mouth or given as an injection.

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