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    Vitamin B17, or laetrile, is called the anti-cancer vitamin. It is an alternative treatment for cancer. Vitamin B17 works to reduce tumors and prevent metastasis or the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body. It kills cancer cells, strengthens the immune system and prevents cancer cells fro...
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    Berries rich in vitamin B17 include wild blackberries, elderberries, gooseberries, cranberries, mulberries and raspberries. Stone fruits like apricots, apples, plums, prunes and pears are also substantial sources of vitamin B17. Not only do these particular fruits provide a healthy dose of laetrile, but they are also full of essential vitamins, minerals and simple carbohydrates. Read more:

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      "APRICOT TREES produce some of the most versatile fruits. Eat the sweet golden globes right off the tree, make jam or dry them for future use. Proper watering, timely pruning and the thinning of immature fruit are great ways to insure maximum harvest from your tree and keep it healthy."

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      Best orchard trees for Iowa Plant apricots in a sheltered area.

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      How to Prune Apricot Trees in California thumbnail

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      How to Prune a Young Apricot Tree | eHow

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      How to Care for an Apricot Tree | eHow

    • Sonia Michailov

      The Best Time to Prune an Apricot Tree

    • Star Ryan

      Fertilizing apricot trees

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      apricot trees

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    Raw Apricot Kernel's contain vitamin B17 which kills Cancer cells leaving normal cells alone. 4 per day as a preventative 10-15 if you have a cancer diagnosis. #fight #cancer

    Fruits That Contain Vitamin B17

    Apricot kernels contain a toxic chemical known as amygdalin (or vitamin B17). In the body this chemical is converted to cyanide, which is poisonous. Despite serious safety concerns, apricot kernel has been used for treating cancer. It is taken by mouth or given as an injection. #fight #cancer

    Essential For Vitamin Source's position on the use of vitamin B17 in the prevention or cure of cancer: vitamin B17 should only be obtained from natural sources (see list of foods containing B17). If cancer is present, however, vitamin B17 may be obtained in natural form. This should be used in conjunction with a diet which emphasizes raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, and the total elimination of animal-protein, dairy, sugar, and refined flour products.

    Vitamin B17 benefits #health #holistic #natural

    Vitamin B17 works to reduce tumors & prevent metastasis or the spread of the cancer. It kills cancer cells, strengthens the immune system. Vitamin B17 (nitriloside, amygdalin) exists in apricot, apple, cherry & nectarine seeds. Blackberry, cranberry, boysenberry, currant, strawberry & raspberry, have highest amounts in their wild form. Cassava (highest amount), sweet potato & yam. Leaves like Alfalfa, beet tops, spinach, watercress leaves, & sprouts from bamboo, alfalfa, fava, garbanzo.

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    Mediterranean Diet

    Mediterranean diet

    YELLOW ~Yellow foods are high in antioxidants like vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps our teeth and gums healthy, helps to heal cuts, improves the mucus membranes (like when we have colds), helps to absorb iron, prevents inflammation, improves circulation, and therefore prevents heart disease. Some of the darker ones also cross over with the health benefits of orange foods.

    Vitamin - Essential For - Source...great reference.

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    Essential Vitamins and Minerals Infographic

    About Mediterranean Diet