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    If Capricorn Was a Drug…



    • Ashlie Dawn Nelson

      If Capricorn Was a Drug…♑ Capricorn ♑ #capricorn #zodiac #january #december #astrology #facts #drugs #ritalin #medications

    • Tjekijas Design

      If Capricorn was a drug, they would be Ritalin. It can either help you focus or make you hyper depending on the person, and Capricorn's capridous personality can do just the same. They can get so fired up about something that they somehow seem a bit off the wall, and then they can get so focused on an idea or plan that they end up burning the midnight oil. #capricorn

    • Xtina Scan

      If Capricorn Was a Drug… Actually, I think Capricorn would be crystal meth.

    • Abby Chatila

      Zodiac Society - If Capricorn Was a Drug…

    • Tammy Augustine

      .If Capricorn Was a Drug… t

    • Katie Hansen

      Capricorn - Google Search

    • Rebecca Schmidt

      O no. Ari, be focused!

    • Camille Walters

      Capricorn. Perfect.

    • Nailed it..!!

      #Capricorn drug .!!

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    I'm a Capricorn, birthday January 19th

    If this isn't the closest thing to truth about me as a Capricorn, I don't know what is


    All the whining--just DO IT already! I have so much compassion for those I love, but this is a big deal for me. I have to always be mindful to be patient with those I love.





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