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Capricorn ~me,my husband, my sister, my aunt, my cousin, my son's god mother, my sister in law.....

Capricorns are usually never jealous or envious of someone else. If you think that they are, think again. They probably just do not like you.

I won't pretend to be friends, if I don't like you, you will know it.

Destiny To be a voice of the people The life task for people born on January 1 is to recognize that weaknesses in themselves and others are not necessarily insurmountable obstacles and that with a change of perspective weaknesses can become strengths. This insight, along with the realization that everyone has something to offer, will help give them the emotional strength to fulfill their destiny as a voice of the people.

Capricorn by PoneKyne on Etsy, $21.00

I'm gunna need to respect you. I don't see a good relationship without respect

Fun facts about your sign here

but there sure are times when u get tired of doing for others who don't care when u need something in return