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Pinterest Inspired: I saw this idea and HAD TO HAVE I pulled out my Cricut & this is what I came up with.

Clock Printable to help teach how to tell time. Love this idea!

printables for first grade | Printable first grade telling times worksheets Property world

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: time

make this into a construction clock and you've got a great way to teach fractions in a contextual way!

To make this game, you'll need to print out two game boards and then write the 12 different times two times each on the foam shapes or your own cards (so you'll have 2 sets of 12 times for a total of 24 digital times) AND you need to write "Time is Up!" on 5 shapes/cards. Students work in pairs to play and one partner pulls out a digital time and places it on the matching clock on their board.

telling time. But I'd write "till" instead of "to".... wonder if I could use some colored saran wrap on the actual classroom clock..?

Telling Time - might make telling time just a little more fun! Great printable that can be glued to a paper plate for more durability.

Read digital times, put times in order to make a daily schedule, draw time on analog clock, act out acitivity on time card