Stone oak bulletin board 7 habits

Instagram Inspired Door. Jamie, what about an Instagram bulletin board that we fill throughout the school year? Kids could even choose photos to be on it.

Beginning of the school year art project!

Bulletin Board: 10 Ways to Get People To Like You

Writing on the Wall Grade Level Hallway Display-- Awesome idea!

Self-esteem portrait...20 things I like about myself and things others like about me

Adorable bulletin board for Open House or End of the Year

High school counselor bulletin board advice to my high school self ask staff for their advice to themselves and an old high school picture (or a recent one) kids love this!

leader in me bulletin boards | Leader In Me / Stone oak bulletin board 7 habits

Oh my! Have students take photos of what their idea of science is and print to hang on the wall or door. Science classroom display photo - Photo gallery - SparkleBox

Hands are labeled with things that can be donated to the classroom by parents. Great idea for open house.

Blooming with respect bulletin board- add with Blooms lesson by having children write advice by different levels of blooms

An idea to promote kindness in the classroom

All Hands In display in a 5th grade classroom. Kids told all about themselves using their hand shape and we hung it around the room. This really was a fun and easy project for the first week of school.

This teacher has created a list of all the things she does at the end of the day to make sure she is organized and ready to start the day as soon as she walks into her classroom the next day. Such a great idea. All the little things add up like copying papers, writing assignments on the board, organizing your top drawer.

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While this is directed more towards middle and high school students, it would be something great to have in a classroom. Often times kids need to be reminded that once you post something you normally can't un-post it. -Kayla Gavigan

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For our College Go Get It week, my principal and counselor came up with the idea of graphing weekly salaries based on educational levels, from not finishing high school up to a doctorate. We decided to represent it with a pictograph using play money. We are now developing questions for different grade levels to answer based on the data in the graph. @bkbgibson

2nd Grade Stuff: No More Stacks of Paper - ORGANIZE!