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This reminds me so much of my grandmother. Hummingbirds and angels were her favorite. This picture encompasses all of the above. I love and miss you grandma!

**Hummingbird....I have never seen an albino hummingbird before ! amazing

Albino Hummingbird -- Hummingbirds are amazing. Love birding like we do? Then, enjoy this article on "the hummingbird capital" state.

Albino Hummingbird by Marlin, Shaphan, Darren and Allen Shank (ages 16, 14, 12, and 9), Staunton, VA.

Albino Hummingbird.. tattoo inspiration

Albino deer. See Over 2000 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals wildlife pictures nature fish birds photography

blue/white ... Peacock ! ... At the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Australia .Photo By blacktalon Jason Carter .This photo was taken on October 18, 2005 using a Canon PowerShot G3..

Leucistic peacock (Yep, they are real... not even terribly rare. We have a couple at work at Thanksgiving Point)

Earth Pics ‏Earth Pics Rare White Penguin

~~Albino Hummingbird by Karen Saxton | Project Noah~~