As my customer would be fairly aware of environmental practices that are sustainably sound, it only seems appropriate that this customer would perhaps opt for a bike to travel rather than a car.


I choose this picture as 'my avatar' for express myself as a student in the Michigan State University. I always love to ride bike and always pack my camera in my bag. Usually, with this kind of pose, I am taking picture when I see impressive thing.


i have never in my life seen anyone ride a bike dressed like this. THIS MUST BE A LIE! nice dress and hair though.

Ce ziceți de puțină mișcare? Suntem în căutare de rute interesante. Cine ne ajută?

Vintage green bicycle, Love this, It just needs a basket for stuff!

dress + bike (and nice glasses!)

Simple white dress with belt. Looks comfortable and pretty - perfect for summer - but jury is still out on whether a white dress is a good choice for your travel ensemble!

Aww quiero pasear en bici con mi abuelo!

Cycle Bicycle with style, Belgium / Pedalando in Bicicletta con stile…