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@Zach West - since you are influential about bacon on #Klout I assume this t-shirt echos your sentiment.  #prostatus

Either You Like Bacon Or You're Wrong T-Shirt

I don't really like bacon but this just reminds me of one of my best friends lol.

"Roses are red, bacon is red, poems are hard, bacon."

“A little poem to start your Valentine's Day. Roses are red. Bacon is red. Poems are hard.

mmmmmmm bacon *homer voice*

This is a photo of the “Email & Bacon” feature in my KIA… That’s right, this car has everything…

wings1295: Rules of Bacon

Bacon is my life, and my one true love, i even asked for bacon for my birthday and Christmas. Nobody decided to get me some, though they know that bacon is my life and my true love and a replacement for my small dark ginger soul.

Bacon=happiness. Don't know ehhhh find this so hilarious

Math is better with bacon…

Funny pictures about Math is better with bacon. Oh, and cool pics about Math is better with bacon. Also, Math is better with bacon.

Oh Boy!

Oh Boy! Waking up to the smell of Bacon Bacon? Oh Boy! Waking up to the smell of Bacon

Funny Confession Ecard: Bacon. You greasy, fatty, deceptively delicious, meaty bastard. I love you.

I love love love bacon! Everything I eat has to have bacon on EXCEPT for ice cream that just crossing the line! but bacon is amazing and whoever thought of frying it is a genius!

The Most Interesting Man in the World

I Know I'm A Fatty When...