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    Buy Deluxe Kit - Jellyfish Art

    Fish 'n Flush Toilet-Tank Aquarium - $171.50 because your fish want to see that...

    Macquarium $200

    Could not get away from Blue Bettas This is the color of my Betta.

    One day I will be rich and able to afford this aquarium

    These work well and are fun to watch grow.

    I want to get three of these Stripped Kuhli Loaches. They are so cute!

    I would like to get one Mystery Snail to help keep algae down.

    I would like to get four Zebra Danios.

    I currently have three Black Kuhli Loaches :-)

    The main feature of my tank. I really like how there are three arches I know that my fish will really enjoy this!

    A Sabrina reference in my tank :D

    An airstone ornament to add even more oxygen to my water.

    I need to make sure my water is not to acidic or to high in pH

    Bright White, in order to bring out the colors in the fish and the blue marble gravel.

    My river rocks to go along with my epic background.

    I want my aquarium plants to be lush and beautiful I think these will help

    I am really excited about this River Rock background. I think it will be very beautiful with large river rocks in the tank as well!

    This is a very good net to use with your fish. You really don't need a huge net unless you have big fish

    This is the most accurate kind of thermometor to get.

    For tropical fish you need a good heater. I like this one because it automatically maintain's your tempture at a good level for tropical fish it's pretty basic but good stuff

    Then comes a good filter.

    Start with the Aquarium (A nice 10 Gallon)