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African violets, or Saintpaulia, are a group of African flowering plants unrelated to violets. They're loved by collectors, generalists, and people who just like something pretty. They're incredibly easy to propagate - the crown will split naturally into multiple plants, or putting the leaves in water will grow new roots. They come in all different colours, shapes, sizes, and habits, from big single plants, to tiny miniature trailing plants. Take a closer look next time you see one in the…

The question of the day in our Catholic Women's Veiling Devotion group was, 'how many veils do you have?'. Here's my answer in a photo. +++check out the veils for sale at Veil Designs by Birgit +++

This beautiful Saint Bernard Puppy looks just like mine, 'Scruggers Beauregard' from 40 years ago! What a special memory. I have never forgotten you, Scruggers Beauregard!

from Royal Furniture

Pinnadel Tall Upholstered Swivel Barstool with Wood & Metal Backrest by Signature Design by Ashley

Demeure historique avec Chambres d’hôtes à vendre à Saint Just en Chevalet dans la Loire