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    Knitting Daily: Episode 803 - Armenian knitting. Adding design in second color without long floats.

    Continental Knitting Video Course-I love her knitting videos. She is a fantastic teacher!

    Free knitting pattern

    magic loop knitting tutorial

    Three Types of Steeks with Eunny Jang, from Knitting Daily TV Episode 912

    "I just want to go home and knit."

    Favorite Summer Knitting Pattern: Cotton yarn is so easy to knit in the summer, and these cloths can be made in wild combos -- perfect for knitting while sipping wine on the patio.

    Quick Tip: Thrumming with Eunny Jang, from Knitting Daily TV Episode 811 - Knitting Daily

    Ten Tips for Knitting Socks

    Once Upon a Knit: 28 Grimm and Glamorous Fairy-Tale Projects $15.43 Iconic fairy-tale characters from storybooks, movies, and television inspire this collection of magical knitting patterns perfect for modern knights, villains, and princesses.

    (Knitting video) How to cast on for a rib knit so that the knits and purls line up with the ribbing. Good trick!

    Carrying yarn up, when knitting in the round.

    Knitting Tip - Gloves

    Intarsia Knitting - Turn Those Jagged Edges Into Nice Sharp Lines. Knitting Daily

    Knitting Help - Flicking - a hybrid of English and Continental knitting

    Two Color Stranded Knitting

    Knitting into the Stitch Below ... used in this instance for the bee stitch pattern

    Knitting tutorial

    Helix Knitting-this knitting technique demonstrates how to knit with various colours in the round on circular needles without creating a jog.Excellent for knitting socks.

    Adding beads to knitting - The great trick here is that using the teeny crochet hooks means you don't have to pre-string the beads on the yarn!