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What if Dr. Seuss had written and drawn "Star Wars"?

Pharmacy humor.... Dr. Pharma Seuss

The only fun part of waiting in line at the pharmacy is guessing what diseases the people in front of me have.

Parents, be kind to teachers. Teachers, be even kinder to your admins.

This happens all day, everyday!! We seriously need signs telling patients your insurance info is needed at drop off or before your at the register to pick it up!!

What would you do for a Klonopin?

The only chance I got to sit down today was on the toilet.

.curse LOUDLY. because hospital.

Funny Workplace Ecard: Just a thought: I am filling your prescriptions and your fate is in my hands, want to change that tone of voice and choice of words now? I thought so.

aha drives me nuts, especially when it's a just in the middle, how do you get the pills out without a struggle?