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GENERATE POWER AND FIRE YOUR ELECTRIC COMPANY! Better yet, make the power company PAY YOU! Explore green energy solutions for your home and auto to make informed decisions on do-it-yourself wind power systems, solar power systems and electric or water car conversions that will save you money.

Japan opened several solar energy parks on Sunday

Save Money Implementing Green Solar Energy- great angle on this picture

DIY your own Solar Panels, not expensive and Yes, you can do it yourself as well.

How To boost Any Solar Panel Output By 75% Solar panels are a great way to make some green electricity for your home or workplace but they''re kind of expensive and sometimes the wattage produced ca

Solar panel technology good and bad. solar energy pack

from Kim's House Weblog

Buying a Home Now? Solar Can Be Decisive

Going Solar

Solar Panels- Weve looked into making these before, maybe its time for me to get on him about actually doing it so we can save some money on electric!! Zack science project for fifth grade??

have a look at this great Solar Energy site-