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Powerstroke is actually more powerful. 800 ft-lb torque compared to 765 ft-lb. Then there is Cummins: an with 850 ft-lb torque. Chevy: sadly only at lb towing.


Mudding is one of my interests. Some people think its nasty because you flood a field for a month and go ripping through it with a truck or a fourwheeler. if you haven't tried mudding, I suggest you do. I have been going mudding since 2007 and have we

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just not pink i'lll take a truck just i can't be no yuppie girl with a pink truck... With a truck like that i wud rather drive the car!!!

just not pink i'lll take a truck just i can't be no yuppie girl it has to be a regular color. not no girly ass pink. thats for girls if you want to get a pink truck.

We should be saving a special place in a part of the world that will be worst hit by global warming for people like this....

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Yeah but I bet a Toyota can go threw any mud pit better than any chevy ford dodge or gmc plus you can beat the crap out of Toyota's and they will still last forever. Meanwhile Fords are found on road dead and fall apart not even halfway threw a mud pit!

Gettin this for my truck (:

Camo Interior of a FORD truck :)- hate to pin this since it's ford but this is going in my future Chevy or Dodge:)