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so wrong but I can't help laughing

Video games are getting out of control…

The lion king: kinect. The lion king: kinect

me whenever i tell a joke no one laughs at at lunch

Alex Trebek is king of the dad joke.

43 people you won't believe actually exist. I shouldn't have looked t these during class.. Too much silent laughing going on right now. FREAKING HILARIOUUSS!!

hipster grandpa, ipods are just too mainstream

These Signs

10+ Of The Most Ironic Things That Have Ever Happened

These are the 23 Biggest Advertising Fails Of All Time, Cracked Me Up So Bad

Every moment these two are together on camera in this movie is priceless. They really feed well off each other and had great lines to work with. (gif)

Enjoyed this so much in the movie (gifset)

hahaha! seriously! Am I the only one that takes the stairs??

Lazy people

I will always take the stairs or walk! Unless there's a people mover.I will wait in line for the people mover.

And gossiping behind each others backs.

Less stressful than war. If women ruled the world there would be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not speaking to each other.

We sell your grand dads clothes you will look incredible

Funny pictures about I'm gonna pop some tags. Oh, and cool pics about I'm gonna pop some tags. Also, I'm gonna pop some tags.

Great job detroit

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‘Merica. Is anyone else concerned about the future of our country? (35 photos)

"Life is like a box of chocolates." It doesn't last as long for fat people - Offensive Forrest Gump - quickmeme

Comedy Gold

I'm a huuman. I catch fish with sticks. Oh Frank. You so funny!

dog hump day memes | funny-dogs-playing-water-hose

This is made more funny by the fact that I often call my female dog "you little biotch." Wait, is that funny, or is that just sad.

unta esa mierda.ajaja

unta esa mierda.ajaja

playing p!atd in the car

I aint even excited - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - funny animals @ humor

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