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Teen Power and Control Wheel

Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy Facts & Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]. I'd love to get an internship working with teen pregnancy prevention and sexual health.

Americans think teen pregnancy is getting worse, but in reality, improved contraception use has made it go down. Although the topic should not be taken lightly, the truth is, teen pregnancy control has improved.

The Real Deal: Teen Pregnancy

The Truth About Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) #Infographic. 67% of children will experience one or more type of childhood trauma. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is working to increase awareness and understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the need to develop effective innovative interventions.

Inside Out Study Guide for Teens: Understanding Emotions from Abigail Burd, LCSW, in San Diego. Via @babybirdsfarm

When it comes to addiction and relapse, there's more to it than meets the eye. Lack of willpower is not the problem!

Teen Pregnancy

Understanding The Stages Of Grief #Infographic #Health #Grief

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PSA- Homosexual Teen Suicide by Fernando Febres, via Behance

Lesson Plan – Teen Finance – How and why budgeting is important and how to budget your daily life.

In this Teen Pregnancy Prevention infographic, we highlight the many reasons education is so important in the fight to reduce our nation's rate of teen pregnancy.

Media Literacy organization for teenage girls.

"Art" activity (no skill required!) to see the range of emotions that come with #grief and how they evolve over time. Great for kids and adults.

Looking for a new way to say something to your students??? Try this!

Teen Mom Nation: A Cycle of Teen Pregnancy - Our America with Lisa Ling

Brain development during adolescence