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  • GG Schaefer

    © Etienne Francey (Switzerland) Harvest gold Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

  • Alice Julianne Eleanor Jones

    #EtienneFrancey | Harvest #Mouse. #wildlife #nature #photography

  • Teri Thomason

    Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 Captures Stunning Moments of Animals -

  • HomeByLinda

    The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition is in its 49th year and attracts entries from professionals and amateur photographers alike. Judged by a panel of widely acclaimed industry-recognised professionals, the images are selected for their creativity, artistry and technical complexity 100 Harvest gold COMMENDED: 15-17 years Etienne Francey Switzerland Late one July evening, walking slowly along the edge of a wheat field near his village .. read more... Picture: Etienne Francey

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If l found a mouse living in my garage, or shed l would let it alone. My first instinct wouldn't be to kill the little thing. And that's who l am.

Harvest mouse having a wash on some corn stalks

Harvest Mouse - curious looking little guy. I think he's going to jump. LOL

* * " Me mind beez like de Bermuda Triangle atz times. Information goes inz and nevers goes outz."

A precarious position... Harvest Mouse (Richard Bowler)

~~Mini Mouse | the Harvest Mouse is Britain’s smallest (and possibly cutest) rodent | by Phil Selby~~

Mice represent the importance of knowing your limitations like when Lennie kills the field mice unintentionally.