"The Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever: $23.60 Plus Tip"

Love this

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hahaha reminds me of our harry potter magical funny comment days.


The New CPR instructions: This needs to be updated however, apply the capri-sun straw first, check nipple hardness, re-harden and THEN kiss sensually. ;)

You Suck At Parking Card

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Heavens to Betsy......this chick is smarter than she looks. Well said darlin, well said!!!

eCards .. I may have posted this before, but it is so funny.

Oppa Grande Style

Very True, however they are the best shoes when on your feet as much as I am!! Love them

starbucks barista problems ... seriously this is one of the bane's of my existence


Hahahahaha, yeah...

This is how my brain works!


Best of Trader Joe’s- What to Buy and What to Skip


a website that breaks down exactly what kinds of drinks you can order at starbucks (or any coffee shop) and tells you how they're made so you (finally) know what you're ordering!

Secret Starbucks drink that is healthy, tasty, and under $1! .84 cents to be exact. The drink is called a Venti Matcha on ice. Simply ask for three scoops of matcha powder (they use this to make their green tea lattes) mixed with water. You'll end up with a big green refreshing beverage that tastes a lot like iced tea & is good for you