Cake Stands... spray paint in the colour of your choice So many possibilites

Kinser Event Company: DIY Project ~ Basic Terra Cotta Cupcake Stands

DIY cake stand

Picture Frame to Serving Tray: Reuse an old picture frame as a practical serving tray. Remove the glass of a large frame. Paint the frame in your desired color. Attach drawer pulls to the short sides of the frame. Insert the glass with a piece of pretty fabric or decorative paper behind it.

Cake Stands: DIY Tutorials on

DIY mini cake stands - wood craft circles plus wood candlesticks

Want beautiful flowers this year? The secret is at

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Square Wood Wedding Cake Stands | Sarah's Stands

Re-purpose jars. Spray paint lids for uniformity.

Make a cake stand stand using dollar plates and glasses

take cheap mismatched plates and glasses - glue together and spray paint to make unique cake stands! (

Old Chandelier turned cupcake stand

Dye your white buttons! Can't wait to try this!

These easy DIY cake stands and cupcake platters are great not only for showcasing sweets but can also be quite nice for displaying jewelry.

DIY: applewood cake stands

This is brilliant. Rubber bands wrapped around the vases, then spray it with the craft spray that 'etches' the glass & remove bands. (super duper easy)

diy cake stand