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Please spread word that TYPE ONE needs more show- a new name. Not just people automatically thinking they're the same thing

According to research, performing a mixture of aerobic fitness exercise and strength training is linked to improved glycemic levels with type 2 diabetes patients in comparison to patients who don’t exercise. www.learnhandyhea...

Illness changes us, but we also change how illness impacts our life. It takes time. And you will be mad that it doesn't just change your life but takes time to learn to live with it--because YOU DON'T WANT to learn to live with it. But if you have recently been diagnosed and your heart aches... Know this.... This ache will grow smaller. Hang on. #lisacopen #illness #quote

Yep..finding fabrics with our wedding seamstress the other I eventually had to let them know and go sit down.

My husband's diabetes is called Type 2 by the doctors, because his pancreas still produces some insulin. But he needs to inject insulin and he fluctuating between underweight and just barely normal weight. Most people actually look like picture 2 when you try to explain that ;)

Type One Diabetes shirt. via Etsy.hahahaha i needed this hirt in high school!

I had almost all these things on the list and my doctor still didn't made the connection... I was in a coma by the time the disease was diagnosed and at a higher risk of death because of that! Know the signs people, type 1 diabetes!

No one seems to understand the problems I and all other type 1 diabetics go through

Pump*tastic Insulin Pump Case offers D*BAND Medical Bracelets that your kids are going to LOVE!!! Great NEW Funky Colors :)

Seriously. I hate when I talk about my t1 and people star comparing it to their great aunts or something. NOT THE SAME!

Submitted by Aria Sorenson (her adorable niece)