my Mom had one of these that she ground the pork to make Polish sausage - Vintage grinder

Meat grinder. Clamped to the table. My mom had one.

kitchen antiques, rolling pin storage, why didn't I think of this? Wood looks good on the counter (i'm a fan of wooden spoon collections too)

old tin bread and cake box

coffee grinders

.vintage kitchen

Vintage kitchen tools on display on wood board. Nice way to show off a collection.

Vintage kitchen inspiration

Red Nutmeg Grinder

Industrial chairs in gunmetal (or silver) and black metal.

flour sifter

vintage tins

colorful vintage grinder ****

vintage kitchen

Vintage Kitchen Playsets

kitchen canisters


Kitchen Tins

1950's Kitchen Dinette Set

vintage kitchen utensil collection - 86 Vintage

Creative Utensil Storage - good idea to keep in mind if you're building or remodeling - Traditional Kitchen