love this, reminds me of my doggie :)

I love my dog - I can't wait to have him back. He's my best friend..and I can tell him anything. He always understands & listens.

<3 them...

Dog love!

A golden retriever waits by a shimmering pond, his face bent down to the glossy surface, waiting for a large multi-colored koi fish to rise up & nibble his nose. #dogs #pets #GoldenRetrievers

Great American Pet Photo Contest...1000$ Cash Price For The Winning Pet... Submit Your Pet Photos Here....

Big Puppy - Either: "I don't feel good... Please HOLD me" OR: But, but, but I don't NEED any shots!!!!!!!!!!!: Animals, Dogs, So Cute, Pet, Funny, Big Baby, Puppy, Know

Great Pyrenees Dog - Bred to live with the livestock such as sheep and will defend them from wolves and other predators. Also make great pets!

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Botox Bulldog Butt by ~Sabrina7777 on deviantART

you in there? I see you. here to find out more Doggie, Animals, Dogs, Sweet, Pets, Puppy, Dog Nose, Peek A Boo, Furry Friends

Fancy - Dog & cat

Its a golden Christmas


Keep your furry friend looking dapper at all times with the dog bowtie. This stylish collar sports a leather bowtie great for setting your pooch apart from the...

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so sweet <3

Serendipity; life itself

Missed you! ♪ ♪ ♪ awwww

Golden <3