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Mexican Vampire

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Mexican Vampire Woman

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5x7 or 8.5x11 - Venezuela Love

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Venezuelan American

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Watercolor Print

5x7 - Venezuela Love watercolor print

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Sailing Ships

Barque Simon

Bolivar Venezuela

Torbay Lisbon


Simon Bolivar

Boats Inspirations

3 Masted

3 Masted barque, Simon Bolivar, Venezuela. Torbay – Lisbon

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Sun Mountains

Δppointments Info

900 Ink

305 900

Tattoo by @gerardowaz ___ ΔPPOINTMENTS: ___ www.EQUILΔTTERΔ.com ___ (+1) 305-900-INK-0 ___ #Equilattera

Venezuela Tattoo

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Venezuela Pendant

Gold Venezuela pendant plated 24K gold chain plated by StefanoArt, $55.00

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the national bird of Venezuela TURPIAL

Violetear Hummingbird

Eared Hummingbird

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Violetear Photo

Fastest Birds

One of the fastest birds is the green violet-ear hummingbird. It can fly up to 93 mph.

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Archeological Finds

Free Venezuela

Pray for Venezuela.

Hummingbird Venezuela

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Hummingbird Collared

Beautiful Hummingbird S

Hummingbird Garden

Birds 1 Hummingbirds

Collared Inca (Coeligena torquata) is a species of hummingbird found in humid Andean forests from western Venezuela, through Colombia and Ecuador, to Peru and Bolivia.

Mi Bella Venezuela

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PARA TODAS LAS MUJERES DE VENEZUELA ... #sosvenezuela #prayforvenezuela #iamyourvoicevenezuela

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Javier Ortega Ψ on

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Tattoo idea Venezuela heartbeat

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"Clear Air Boomer" It's taken at Ologa in Venezuela. The place has the most frequent lightning on earth with more than 200 strikes per square kilometer. Photographed by: @j.piophotography Shared by @marlon_art Remember to tag your images with @artFido #artFido #artFidoVideo #Art so we can see your art! PLEASE TAG YOUR FRIENDS IN TO HELP US HELP ARTISTS…

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“#armtattoo by @lazerliz /// #⃣#Equilattera #Tattoo #Tattoos #Tat #Tatuaje #tattooed #Tattooartist #Tattooart #tattoolife #tattooflash #tattoodesign…”

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#backtattoo by @rockin.rabbit /// #⃣#Equilattera #Tattoo #Tattoos #Tat #bird

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Mandala Bird

Black Mandala

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“🙈 #blackworktattoo #dotworktattoo #geometrytattoo”

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Such a cool version of the deathly hallows

Sylph Hummingbird

Hummingbird Ecuador

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Long Tailed Hummingbird

Long Tailed Bird

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Hummingbird Beauties

Long-tailed Sylph Hummingbird - found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela (photo by focusfrog)