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  • Candice Villegas

    bodydiy: Upside down cake recipe here YAY thanks so much for this! i can’t believe I had a follower find this so fast :DD You’s, ma lady… ROCK! Few days ago i was experimenting with raw recipes again and i made one…cake. It looks kinda funny and its not exactly low-fat, but i thought i post it here in case somebody wants to try to make it. And, you know, you can still eat SOME fat when you are low fat raw vegan, just don´t do it often :)I call it “Upside-Down Cake”, just because the process of making it was doing it upside down. Here are step-by-step instructions of how to do it.You will need:8 dates½ cup of shredded coconutFruit - bananas, kiwi, blueberries…but you can use any fruit you desire. It´s actually best to use a sour tasting fruit like kiwi, oranges, green apples or blackberries, because the pastry is quite sweet anyway.And you need a plastic/glass container or a bowl, where you gonna make your cake in. It´s better to use transparent one, so you can see through if your cake is looking beautiful from the bottom, because we gonna turn it upside down after :) 1. Cut a banana into pieces and lay on the bottom and to the sides of a container. This will be on the top after we turn the cake upside down. Besides bananas you can use pineapple slices, for example.2. In food processor mix dates and shredded coconut until you get thick and sticky paste. Cover the banana layer very carefully with about 2/3 of that paste.3. Take a look the cake from the bottom to see if everything looks nice and the banana slices are on place or maybe you need to press the pastry little bit more between the banana slices. 4. Start layering fruit. You can replace these fruits with any other ones you desire.I started with blueberries.   5. Kiwis  6. Bananas 7. Now cover it all with a layer of 1/3 remaining date-coconut pastry. Place the cake in the fridge for few hours. For even better results and taste, live it in the fridge overnight. 8. When you take the cake out of the fridge carefully loosen the edges of the cake with a knife and turn it upside down to the plate.From these quantities I got about 10x10 cm cake, whats enough for 4 people since the cake is pretty satisfying.

  • Agata San

    Follow The Fruit Fly: Low Fat Raw Recipes Upside down cake

  • Lilly Brooke

    Upside Down Cake Raw Cake.

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