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    Chicken Amandine Recipe by Michael Symon

  • Nicole Martin

    Easy quick GF recipe. Chicken almandine

  • Michelle Bergeron

    Michael Symon's Chicken Amandine - One of the best chicken dishes ever and it's fast and easy !! Michelle's notes: I accidentally used way too much salt, but this was great! Cam loved it, which is always a win in my book.

  • Katelyn Hammers

    Michael Symon's Chicken Amandine. I could only find chicken thighs (with skin on) that were still on the bone, therefore had to increase my cooking time by quite a bit. I made the mistake of adding the almonds when I THOUGHT my chicken was done, but then cut into one only to realize it was still raw inside. Soo, my almonds came out a bit burnt. Overall good dish, I would just recommend making sure your chicken is thoroughly cooked first then add the almonds as they roast quickly :)

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