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    Hand Crank battery charger from a drill

    DIY solar panel.

    Tom Sachs: Handmade Hand Guns

    Hydroelectric Generator from a 5 gallon bucket - download the 35 page PDF instructions from this site

    How to Make Solar Cell in Home - Visit the following link for more info:

    Why You Need an Old Fashioned Hand Crank Meat Grinder

    Sizing a solar system and wiring your battery bank

    DIY Build Your Own Bike Generator - NoE

    We can learn a lot from homesteaders. You’re going to love these 10 homesteading ideas that can save you money! Hands down, #4 is my favorite!

    Design your own dragon with our DIY activity kit and get ready for a roaring good time!

    Make your own Fabreze! DIY Homemade Febreze

    Chewing Gum and a battery can be used Fire Starter - Use the foil-backed wrapper to short circuit an AA battery and create a flame. First, tear the wrapper into an hourglass shape and touch the foil to the positive and negative battery terminals. The electrical current will briefly cause the paper wrapper to ignite. Use the flame to light a candle or tinder.

    How to Make Solar Panels

    Items to keep on hand

    How To Make A Take Down Bow- #TakeDownBow #BowAndArrow #BugOut

    Underground Shelter. This website has tons of different shelter options along with suggestions on fuel tanks, solar power, water tanks... Lots of info. A must for how to survive in an emergency.


    marine solar still turns salt water into drinking water

    IF you like to know how to make a DIY or Homemade Wind Turbine to produce electricity at your own.Here're 10 free small and domestic wind turbine making plans.

    Voyager Emergency Radio- FAMILY STOREHOUSE Cranking Power: 120 turns per minute of cranking will power the built in Ni-MH battery pack with strong current and voltage. Solar Panel Power: Under the direct sunlight, the solar panel will power the radio without a problem. AA Batteries: You can use 3 normal AA batteries to run the radio for maximum reception. A built-in Rechargeable battery pack. AC adaptor charge from the 3.5 mm jack. (Optional)

    A #solar_grill developed by Professor David Wilson at MIT allows users to cook emissions-free day or night. The grill uses a Fresnel lens and solar energy to melt down a container of Lithium Nitrate, which acts as a battery storing thermal energy for up to 25 hours. The stored heat can be used to cook at temperatures above 450ºF.