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    Given the GOP’s obsession with making health care decisions for girls and women, you may have wondered how any self-respecting physician could identify with the Republican Party. Rep. Doug Cox (R-OK) is wondering the same thing. Responding to legislation that would deny poor women contraception that would prevent abortions, Cox, a doctor, decided that he had to speak out in a letter to the The Oklahoman....his letter is dead on. Read it for yourself:

    • Alyssa Ravenwood

      Daily Kos: Republican Lawmaker Fearlessly Tells The Truth About Abortion. "Yet I cannot convince my Republican colleagues that one of the best ways to eliminate abortions is to ensure access to contraception. A recent attempt by my fellow lawmakers to prevent Medicaid dollars from covering the “morning after” pill is a case in point. Denying access to this important contraceptive is a sure way to increase legal and back-alley abortions."

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    History of the Republican Party.



    One Republican telling it like it is.

    Republicans....never part of the solution, always at the root of the problem.

    Does anyone really expect something other than negative remarks from republicans about a woman. Join the Republican Party where the past is our future.

    Shut down the Republican Party - VOTE and we can do it!!!!!


    Any woman that votes for a party that disrespects her as much as the republican party. Is a slap in the face to all of the brave women in history that fought for all of the rights you enjoy today.

    Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World The world is still not a fair place if you are a woman. (So what are we going to do to help our sisters?)


    "The republican party is not a political party, it's a mental condition." --Richard Belzer


    Only an idiot would make a protest sign that would indite his own republican party. (Although I do notice that Obama has done it to, but to a lesser extent).

    Republicans need small government to continue their assault on the middle class and for the benefit of their corporation sponcers.

    Many politicians in Washington do not agree with one another but, the Republican Party seems to go beyond disagreement and promote hatred. They hate Obama, science and climate change, immigrants, Muslims, ethnic minorities, labor unions, food programs, taxes, women's rights, abortion, contraceptives, gun control, compromise, and governing. They harbor birthers and white supremacists; gun toting activists and revolutionary hotheads.

    History will confirm the accuracy of this and note that this was the time when the republican party began its quick demise after greed and racism became its central theme.

    It's sad how republicans have turned their backs on our veterans.

    It's time we realize that republicans will stoop to the lowest levels to protect corporate tax loopholes and subsidies.