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Given the GOP’s obsession with making health care decisions for girls and women, you may have wondered how any self-respecting physician could identify with the Republican Party. Rep. Doug Cox (R-OK) is wondering the same thing. Responding to legislation that would deny poor women contraception that would prevent abortions, Cox, a doctor, decided that he had to speak out in a letter to the The Oklahoman....his letter is dead on. Read it for yourself:

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Community Post: Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World

Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World The world is still not a fair place if you are a woman. (So what are we going to do to help our sisters?)



Women, vote!

9 Fun Fact about Paul Ryan: Medicare, Medicaid, Women's Health

Why the Democrats' Women's Health Protection Act matters


Democrat Edward Markey keeps party’s hold on Senate seat - The Boston Globe

Congratulations to newly elected Senator Markey! We LOVE to see what he'll do for our climate, health and economy. Read it here:

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Voter turnout in 2014 was the lowest since WWII

Democrats have allowed republicans to set back environmental, economic and social advancement simply because they didn't vote. How far are we willing to let corporate corruption of our government go before we vote?

I hear Republicans bitching, if Obama ignored Bush's law they'd want to sue...he's abiding by it and still you bitch. Why don't Republicans ask the Koch Brothers if they can spend some of our money to expedite the Dept. of Health and Human Services processing per Bush's law...but that would require the GOP to actually do something other than bitch! VOTE the LYING DO NOTHING GOP OUT in NOV!

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This Is What Paid Maternity Leave Looks Like Around The World

Seriously USA, you're just plain embarrassing -.- especially when science has shown that babies health is dramatically better if they are given 6-12 months with their parents.

Obama on rape

Obama on rape

Straight to the point…

Obama on rape

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Here's What Obamacare Actually Does For You

Here's What Obamacare Actually Does For You. And Thank God Obama actually cares!

Hard to look at? Yes. But the truth is it's not the baby's fault. There's nothing you can say that will make killing her baby a way to heal her. NOTHING.

Joe Biden..."We see a future where everyone rich or poor does their part and has a part. A future where we depend more on clean energy from home and less on oil from abroad. A future where we’re #1 in the world again in college graduation. A future where we promote the private sector, not the privileged sector. And a future where women control their own choices, health, and destiny. A future where no one—no one—is forced to live in the shadows of intolerance."