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cocoa plant - zone 10+

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15 Top Native Plants for Southern Gardens

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Rhubarb - Sun, zone 2-9, vegetable...? I thought it was fruit.. hmm I learned something.

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March To Do List for Zone 10!

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Identify your Zone of Hardiness, and purchase only plants recommended as reliably hardy there.

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For ZONE 9 Vegetable planting calander describing approximate dates to start vegetable plants indoors and outdoors relative to specific USDA Plant Hardiness Zones.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How to successfully grow an herb garden

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If you've longed to top homemade pizza with fresh basil, or snip chives over your morning omelet on a whim, battling with a black thumb can be discouraging. But the best way to grow herbs isn't a mystery — it's a science, and you can totally improve on last year's failed attempt. All you need is this herb garden cheat sheet!

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USDA Garden Zone, Garden Calendar, Planting Schedule

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Hardy Plants ~ The DIY Gardener's Guide

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How to Grow Your Own Herbs for Cooking

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#Herb #garden Learn how to grow your own fresh herbs at home. Includes special care, how to harvest, and how to use.

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10 Great Gardening Websites You Must Read

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10 Great Gardening Websites You Must Read..Here are 10 great gardening websites, in no particular order, that you can turn to when looking for knowledgeable gardening information.

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Must-Grow New Perennials for 2013

Lovely Coneflowers

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The 'Warm Summer' Coneflower is a new, must-grow perennial for 2012.

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Everyone Should Plant Angelonia

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Purple Garden Flowers

As a horticulturist, I often find myself recommending plants to people. I feel bad when I get asked for the impossible plants; something like an evergreen that flowers all year long, is hardy in Zone 3, loves deep shade, and deer won’t eat it. There is one incredible flower that I frequently recommend, though, because [...]

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Planted Kohlrabi

10 Veggies

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Revolution Garden

Food Revolution

10 Great Vegetables to Grow in Fall

Better Homes and Gardensfrom Better Homes and Gardens

Power Perennials: Plants That Thrive No Matter What

Coneflowers Grow

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Echinacea Purpurea

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Coneflower. tolerates full sun to light shade. bloom from early summer to fall. one of the most hardy perennials.