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An inspirational quote by Chuck Palahniuk from

better an oops than a what if!

∆ Vibration...Everything Is Energy

When it comes to spending time with God are you easily distracted? Have great intentions of carving out time to meet with Him but life gets in the way?



….but it is important to remember whether you are seeking or simply escaping.

Calvin & Hobbes have this one right!!

This holds true for all of my friends in the food business as well. After all, it is called "Culinary Arts". We love what we do. Because we love what we do we often find ourselves doing what we do at little or no charge. At the end of the day, we devalue what we do. Lets face it, our bills and expenses don't go anywhere. Do yourself a favor.... and KNOW YOUR WORTH and charge for it. I know, moving forward I will no matter who it's for.

Helpful Bible Verses for Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Cast your cares on the LORD, Do not be anxious about anything, Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 3:5, The LORD is my strength,

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I'm sick and tired of feeling like this. Just when I think everything's ok, life kicks me in the ass AGAIN! How strong does one have to be?

Inspiration. He would know .. This brilliant man coined the phrase " the black dog " regarding the pain and anguish of depression which he suffered... But like he says just keep going :)

The difficulties you face in life do not come to destroy you, but to show you what you’re made of and just how strong you are. – Unknown

May the bridges I burn light the way - a good way of thinking about moving on from the past

Seize the hell out of this day.


10 Scriptures to Help You Get Through the Hard Days

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