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Scott Disick hahahah

how could anyone not like him

true love: Paula Dean and her butter

True fear

I find this funnier than it probably is

hahahaah...I hate her lol


True Story

Boy, that escalated quickly

I love television technology logic

This is exactly how I clean.

effing scott

Best one

"Laughed my ass off. The "nailed it" would totally be my effort" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I thought I was the only one

-Clark Griswald

bridesmaids - This movie is Hilarious!! bahaha! - now I want to go watch it. Yes I own it... its that funny

Calm Your Tits

Best security system against monsters ever.

Poor Gabriel...


Makes me laugh every time

Hahaha! Yep...that's about right

Me neither.