2nd Gr. Monet Japanese Bridge. 3 day project. Water color wash w/ sea salt. 2) Sponge painting trees and lily pads. 3) oil pastel bridge and other details. Great!

Monet....Japanese Bridge.....looks like watercolor, salt...then soft pastels on top.

Monet's Waterlilies -We painted our projects in two steps. First, we painted the water, being sure not to blend the different colors too much in order to show reflection in the surface of the water. The next week, we painted the water lilies using three colors to give a more three-dimensional appearance

Art Rocks!: 1st grade


Fantastic art website!

Art Projects for Kids: Monet’s Water Lilies

MIRO figures, oil pastel & sprayed with watercolors from Sharpiewoman

We started this project by using watercolor paint to create a wash for the sky and ground. While the paper was still wet we sprinkled sea salt on the paper. We then used sponges to create the trees in the background and the lily pads in the foreground. We made sure to layer our paint using highlights and shadows. Oil pastel was used for the bridge. Hope this description helps.

claude monet art projects for kids - Google Search

Monet Art for kids Last year I did Georgia O'keeffe, this year I am trying Claude Monet

Monet Waterlilies Art Lesson- supplement grade 4

Monet Japanese Bridge

Art Lesson Gr. 1: Monet's Bridge

Under the sea-oil pastels

Google Image Result for http://www.paintinghere.org/UploadPic/Claude%2520Monet/big/Blue%2520Water%2520Lilies.jpg

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Monet, Blue Water Lilies, 1919 Monet reduced detail in his painting, including only the essence of the seen, or the impression of the reflection, water, and lily flower. The French poet Paul Claudel said: “Thanks to water, [Monet] has become the painter of what we cannot see. He addresses that invisible spiritual surface that separates light from reflection. Airy azure captive of liquid azure … Color rises from the bottom of the water in clouds, in whirlpools.” (Quotes source: p262 Art....

Mondrian Art Lesson ~ Highlights shapes and colors as well as a great master! Great to do during a 2D Geometry unit

Sea Turtles