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The fact that he has to put no effort into looking this flawless is just...I don't know what it is leave me alone to die.

So I just have to say.....I think I have become Full on Harry's Girl!!! This is so weird because I was originally a Niall's girl, then became a cross between the two now im a Hazz girl!! Yay!!/ Weird!!!!! Ahhhh!! ~Sierra

Harry Styles in Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2015

Cleavage status: Fine, I’ll wear the fucking shirt but I won’t like it. | 25 Photos That Prove Harry Styles' Chest Had The Best Year Ever

hi harry . #celebrities #famous . Repins and likes are appreciated =) follow me @ and

Harry outside the studio today

Harry Styles im so worried about harry and kendall last time they performed on x factor usa was right before haylor started and now kendall

Harry Styles at Burberry Fashion Show LFW

that watch looks really good on his wrist. not really sure why that's what i noticed about this picture, but whatever :)

harry at heathrow this morning :) i'll tell you one thing (haha), that is NOT what i look like when i go to the airport...