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A candle rolled in herbs used for very powerful and effective candle magic! (be careful! Put it in a fire safe container!!) <3

Blessing candles.. pop tea lights on the coffee warmer, leaving the wicks in & sprinkle herbs in them.

from Silver RavenWolf

How To Make a Prosperity Candle out of a Fresh Orange Shell

Prosperity candle by Silver Rave Wolf - very simple but effective idea!

YULE WISHING CONE - Fire-starter, Charmed Pine Cone, Yule Wish Magick, Scented Pine Cone, Fireplace Candle, Campfire Lighter, Magick - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Finally found a list of the old names for herbs, on the Gypsy Magic website: Eye of newt sounds less icky when you find out it's referring to a spotted mustard seed. ;) ...and dragon's blood comes out of a tree, not a dragon. Lol. I will have a halloween party with these on the menu!

from Lasa Fine Jewelry and Luxury Gifts

PATCHOULI CANDLE Wiccan Pagan Magic SUNBEAM CANDLES Power Stability 2 x 6 Pillar

Patchouli Aromatherapy Manifestation Candle A gorgeous mottled Yellow Orange Candle by Sunbeam Candles. Eco-friendly candles scented with pure essential oil are an excellent tool for manifesting your