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    Candle mandala - would be great to do something like this in a self-love/anti-depression spell. Picture at the center of you, any corresponding flower petals and herbs leading the way, and white tea light candles to light the way. Meditate on your positive qualities and envision yourself surrounded by a bubble of love that feels like a big warm hug from ur fav. teddy bear.

    Candles: Choosing Your #Candle.

    Candle magic

    Candles: Candle & Color Magick ~ Green.

    Yellow Candle Magick Poster by EndoraJ.

    Candles: Candle & Color Magick ~ White.

    Candles: Candle & Color Magick ~ Orange.

    Candles: Candle & Color Magick ~ Red.

    Candles: #Candle & #Color #Magick ~ Blue.

    Candles: #Candle & #Color #Magick ~ Black.

    Gold Candle Magick Poster by EndoraJ.

    A candle rolled in herbs used for very powerful and effective candle magic! (be careful! Put it in a fire safe container!!) ♥

    Pink candles -- used for love, friendships, honor, fidelity, femininity, self-love, and harmony

    Purple candles -- used for power, healing severe diseases, spirituation, meditation, psychic ability, success, independence, spiritual growth, feminine divine, and getting respect

    Blessed Affirmation Pillar Candles - pagan wiccan witchcraft magick ritual supplies

    Yellow candles -- used for intellect, attraction, study, divination, charm, confidence, wisdom, visions, psychic powers, mental powers, new dwellings, getting needed attention, communication, and creativity

    Blessed Herbal Votives - pagan wiccan witchcraft magick ritual supplies

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    Blessed Herbal Spell Candles - pagan wiccan witchcraft magick ritual supplies

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