Sea Salt Soak

by Dherbs
Sea salt is a great purifier. It dissolves negative energy.Bathing in sea salt helps to remove negative vibrations.
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    Salt therapy methods of treatment, distinguish between them and be able to take an informed decision for your respiratory condition -

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    Cleaning with Salt

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    Salt: Regular iodized salt is basically pure NaCl with added iodine. It does nothing to help us be healthier, it is not even a whole food. Why eat regular salt when you can eat sea salt, pink salt, black salt and all kinds of exotic salts, and yummy seaweeds as well? French sea salt is less expensive than the popular Himalayan sea salt. You can also get salt from seaweed (which is rich in iodine and other minerals too).

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    Sea Salt Soak,ai.html#.Uro6U58o7qA

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    How to: Soaking Benefits of Sea Salt Bath Soak to De-Acidify Body and Raise PH!

  • Valerie Oliphant

    To correct too much salt in a recipe, add a pinch of sugar and some lemon juice (taste test to get the correct mixture).

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