Chimney Rock, Bayard Nebraska. What a great start to a great trip!

Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska in western Nebraska includes an important 19th century landmark on the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail.

CHIMNEY ROCK - is a prominent geological rock formation in western Nebraska. Rising nearly 300 feet above the surrounding North Platte River valley, the peak of Chimney Rock is 4,226 feet above sea level. It served as a landmark along the Oregon Trail, the California Trail, and the Mormon Trail, which ran along the north side of the rock.

The Great Platte River Road - regarded as a sort of superhighway of its times and referred to as "the grand corridor of America's westward expansion." It was the convergence point for the Trapper's Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, the California Trail, the Pony Express route, and the military road from Fort Leavenworth to Fort Laramie across Nebraska.

City of Rocks was a landmark for emigrants on the California Trail. At the height of emigration, in 1852, some 52,000 people passed through City of Rocks on the way to California goldfields. Today, City of Rocks National Reserve protects over 6 miles of this historic trail.

Mormon Trail High School, Garden Grove, Iowa

Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters. Nebraska across the Missouri.

The #Mormon Trail: Part 2 - Garden Grove, Iowa, to Winter Quarters, #Nebraska ...this was the worse part of the trek west. The Mormon pioneers were not yet fully organized. The trails were also very muddy which made the journey difficult.

Western Trails along the North Platte & Sweatwater rivers, and South Pass in Nebraska and Wyoming.

Wagon wheel ruts at parting of the Ways at South Pass, Wyoming. On the right, the Oregon Trail. On the left, the California Trail.

Toadstool Geological Park, in northwestern Nebraska.

Starved Rock State Park, Illinois.

Smith Rocks - Central Oregon

Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

Recipes, dairy entries, news articles and trail guides of American Pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail 'Halt of a Wagon Train' from

Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

Shiprock, New Mexico. Sacred Navajo site.

Madonna of the Trail, California

National Natural Landmark, Kansas

Eye of the Needle, Monument Rocks, near Oakley, Kansas; photo by Doug Hickok

Dixie National Forest, Utah