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Howl at the Moon

Who knows the legend of why wolves howl at the moon? - They do it to thank the moon that many, many years ago, feeling the incessant crying of a mother wolf, desperate to have lost its small, (continued in description) - Pixdaus

lsleofskye: “ Buffalo Peaks Wilderness ”

lsleofskye: “Buffalo Peaks Wilderness” A wolf examines his reflection in marsh waters.

Desert Empress

The BoHo Bride Bohemian brides are increasing year to year. These hippie chic brides are expressed their earth loving lace side with a bit of

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Wolf trail

Winter Snow: Pembroke Welsh Corgis in it up to their ears.I can't wait until I move to a ranch where we can get snow and I finally adopt a corgi. There will be little corgi snow paths everywhere!

moon and rabbit!

*** Three Rivers Deep (book series) A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery. photo by: Steve Adams

Wolves choose one mate to love for their whole lives....I get that, I really do because of you.

"The fall of the wolf [Book 1 of the Forbidden Blood] - Chapter 3 [part one]" by JoanaDimitrova - "A kingdom, drown in darkness that keeps a terrible secret. Three siblings marked for protection an…"

FAUN -WENN WIR UNS WIEDERSEHEN- Live @ Colosseum Essen 10.10.2015 HD SOUND - YouTube

FAUN -WENN WIR UNS WIEDERSEHEN- Live @ Colosseum Essen 10.10.2015 HD SOUND - YouTube

Softkiity Custom Regal Comfort Al Agnew Collection Officially Cozy Plush Wolves Blanket Size X (Large)

Wolf's Rain

Heaven's Not Enough From: Wolf's Rain Composer by: Yoko Kanno Performer by: Steve Conte LYRIC: heaven's not enough if when you get there.

fantasy art wolfs - Google zoeken

Stocks used Premade Background_Path Under the Moon II [link] (My own Stock) Female Wolf howling stock [link] and more birds [link] Software Used: Helicon Wolf Moon


When the Wolf Finally Arrives: Big Deal Cancelations in North American Libraries - The Scholarly Kitchen