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Explicit, yes. However, the character development prevented me from putting these down. You will certainly find yourself skimming over the 'explicit' just to get on with the story to try and understand this couple. It's been a fun read, better if you have a friend to talk to about it because it's hard to explain why it is addictive until you pick it up for yourself.

Heard this was supposed to be amazing, and i am always down to read new books especially romance ones!!

Click to get a glimpse of Christian Grey's red room in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer!

Buying it now! Have a few books to read before diving into this paper-candy, but can't wait to find out for myself what all the fuzz is about!

May Christian Grey always be in your to the reading light, flogger and Blackberry.

HA!! yuppp, pretty true!! ;) Although...I read it on fanfiction first, so to me, it will always be Master of the Universe!!

... And lastly just a quick THANKS for that E.L. James and her creative writing skills. AMEN!