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    • Storyboard Optics

      A glass-enclosed bee hive of 3,000 bees sits on stage, and bee sounds are amplified and sent through a mixer, manipulated in real time according to the instructions in the score.

    • Storyboard Optics

      Bees: A series of compositions and large-scale video multimedia spanning from 1996–2001 The original Bee Project #1 premiered at the Oakland Museum as part of Sound Culture 1996. Performers: Wendy Reid; violin, Gino Robai; percussion; Miya Masoaka, koto.

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    Joaninha, Vitor Oliveira

    rosemary beetle

    Photographer Middleton Evans

    Bee's on a sunflower... amazing place for the hive to locate!

    This image of an ant's head, viewed from the front (at 10X) took 11th place in the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. The ant's autofluorescence was observed using confocal micrsocopy by Dr. Jan Michels of Christian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel, in Kiel, Germany. (Dr. Jan Michels)

    Dragon Fly Eye



    Potato bugs

    Spider in a garden.

    Cannabis Spider

    Black Widow

    Black and Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia) ♀ , Houston Arboretum, Houston, TX (photo: Cletus Lee)


    Amazing dragonfly camouflaged against cherry tomatoes

    Spider webs - peacay, via Flickr

    Close-up of the remarkable, raptor-like claws of Trogloraptor. Photo by: Griswold CE, Audisio T, Ledford JM.

    Lateral view of the adhesive pad on the front leg of a beetle (Clytus sp.), captured using autofluorescence. Jan Michels

    This undated photo from the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, Calif., shows a specimen of a new family of spiders, which scientists are calling Cave Robber (Trogloraptor marchingtoni ) for its fearsome claws. Amateur cave explorers found the spider in 2010 in a cave outside Grants Pass, Ore., and sent specimens to the California Academy of Sciences, where scientists decided it was so evolutionarily different that they had to create a whole new family to put it in. The discovery is

    A scanning electron microscope image of spider silk glands making a thread originally from Dennis Kunkel Microscopy.

    Ants with giant seed pods from a Mimosa tree, photographer Eko Adiyanto from West Java

    Weird Aranha Branca "White Spider", photographed by Igor Siwanowich.