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    College.. Hahahh.

    omg air vent safe: awesome! Hope it works better than the one in the in the closet floor of the beach house. damn thiefs

    Im sorry, WHY have I never thought about this?! Mind blown!

    How to make a secret hiding place within a book.

    How to hide things.

    Hahaha awesome

    Palm reading.. Actually were true for me!

    this is awesome! Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over - Amazing bathroom floor - or could do for a desk top.. or coffee table..WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS

    Chairs from Nowhere by Orla Reynolds. Secret table and chairs hide in shelves.

    Goldie Goldfish Cord Storage - so cute! via

    Genius! Ashlee Outsen Outsen Outsen Outsen Outsen Outsen Outsen Outsen Outsen Outsen Outsen Moore

    Hiding Router / cable box. Love this idea!

    Why didn't I find this BEFORE my wedding when I spent hours taking off labels on blue bottles! I'm definitely going to have to try the peanut butter trick sometime.

    Hide keys, etc. I love the idea of "every day items" out of sight. And there is something so fun about them being hidden behind a picture!!

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    I am so doing this bookshelf secret door with the basement bedroom. SECRET ROOM FINALLY.

    Clever Ideas for Spring and Summer that are Borderline Genius. Life hacks

    Add a sticker to things you lose a lot, then track them with the device. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Inspired by the Bruno Matthson Book Crib, we introduce the Slotted System Bookcase. Whether used as a single shelf or in a seamless-looking row, these handsome hold-alls keep everything from small paperbacks to large art books and lps.

    Some of these would work well in a college dorm or apartment setting!