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House in the middle of the aspiring ghost town of Ulysses, Nebraska (more in comments) [2592 x 1936] - Imgur

Dunlap, a ghost town in Morris Country, Kansas  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Susan Sorko - Google+ - A beautiful abandoned home in a small town of florida. It…

When discussing the subject of abandoned places in Ohio it usually isn’t long before the topic of conversation turns to a place called Hell Town. What can you say about a place called Hell Town? Like the guy in the commercial says, with a name like that, it has to be good. Right? Well honestly, it's hard to say. "Hell Town," while one of Ohio's most famous horror/supernatural legends, is also one of the mo

North Brother Island, one of the most ghostly places in America -- less than 2,000 feet from NYC. [1958x1469]

Travel + Leisurefrom Travel + Leisure

America’s Coolest Ghost Towns

15 of America's Coolest Ghost Towns - Old mines, abandoned buildings, and the occasional curse: ghost towns cover the United States, and they make for a fun detour.

How cool is this place? This is St. John's Baptist Church in an old, abandoned coal mining town near Stotesbury, West Virginia. Stop by any time and visit my other boards here on Pinterest.

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6 Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities of North America

The abandoned town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, is arguably the United States’ most (in)famous modern ghost town. Once a thriving community whose amenities included five hotels, seven churches and 26 saloons, Centralia has been deserted since an underground mine fire ignited in 1962 – and still burns to this day.